"I have been reading tarot cards & playing cards for 25 years."

My gift was passed down to me from my Italian Nonna who use to teach me how to read the Tarot when my mum was at work! My Nonna was a 3rd generation psychic, which makes me 5th generation. I use the cards to connect to the energy of the situation which I automatically feel, which then transfers into pictures in my head.

I am an empathetic and kind reader. Whatever message I need to deliver to the client, is done with kindness and honesty. I like my client to feel clarity, when I read for them. Whatever the situation or outcome, I can help you find a solution and peace around it and guide you through it.

I also teach how to read the Tarot cards and give spiritual coaching. Whatever you need please feel free to have a look at my website and contact me should you have any questions.

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Being an empath and having many spiritual gifts, I know that if you don't learn to manage them, they will manage you!! Spiritual coaching will help give you clarity and wisdom around your own gifts.

Firstly, when I use the word spiritual, I mean - psychic, telepathic, empath, mediumship, I see these abilities as gifts, gifts everyone is born with.

I believe that every single human and being has psychic and spiritual abilities, we just haven't been taught much about it! We are born and then most of us go to school, learning many things, but often not learning about anything spiritual other than religion. We have a side of our brain which is empathetic and telepathic and psychic, the less we use then, the more these gifts get pushed aside. Sometimes they come out when least expected and that's when we have a spiritual experience which we are unable to explain, usually freaking us out or convincing us we are imaging things!!

Spiritual coaching with me will help you feel confident and help you acknowledge your gift and have as many questions as possible answered.

  • If you're looking for direction spiritually
  • If you've had a spiritual experience and have questions
  • If you're looking to connect with your spirit guides
  • If you're looking to connect with your higher self
  • If you're feeling usual things and want answers
  • If you're feeling you need clarity
  • If you're feeling low
  • If you're looking to rebuild confidence