The Most Accurate and Genuine Reader in my Lifetime. Absolutely phenomenal.

Debbie Thornton

Great, positive reading. She added a lot of interesting specific details that were not expected. She also offered practical help such as suggesting meditation videos which I will definitely do. I was left feeling more positive for the future and was told very specific info which will be interesting to see if it comes to pass in the future. Would recommend.

Jo wheeler

Fiora went straight to the heart of the matter that I am concerned about. She picked up on the other person accurately, both in personality and physical appearance. A lovely Reading. Highly recommended.


First reading with Fiora... wow! She picked up on the situation straight away without prompting and continued to tell me things that she could not possibly have known. Will definitely speak to Fiora again and recommend you give her a try! xX


I'm so positively shocked how many details validated correct it's like WOW!! She provided in very professional way with a great sense of humour too. Answered my questions with confidence, honesty like she said what she had seen mentioning about obstacles and advised me how I should to overcome them (lol) very genuine Lady so I don't have any doubts about the close future! I feel uplifted Fiora and I do appreciate your time with me and your kindness and patience. It will be the most busy psychic on here for sure!! So I want to make you all aware you will be very lucky to have a catch up with Fiora and with honest reading. I will keep you updating. Love and Light sweetheart xx

Monika Jach

Really enjoyed my reading - everything she said made sense. The reading was very positive, she made a couple of predictions, which I feel could may well happen -although the reading was very positive, I don't feel like she was just telling me what I wanted to hear, I feel like she was the real deal - she said a lot of things that I definitely could relate to, therefore, I feel very confident in her predictions - lovely lady too, I feel like I don't need another reading anytime soon and trust me, I've had a few. Time to let everything pan out. Xx


I spoke to Fiora a few weeks ago. She said that I would be changing my job and I couldn't see how at the time. A week later my previous employer contacted me asking if I would be interested in returning!! I have spoken to her today and she blew me away again. She just told me things about my life that she could not have known and described certain people to a 'T'. I will definitely be using Fiora again.


Fiora is super lovely. Love speaking with you and thank you on all the wonderful advice on the meditation I should do, it certainly is helping me. Love your honesty and positive advice. Can't wait to see how things enfold in the coming weeks with my POl and hopefully love prevails. Love M xx


I just had a fantastic reading with Fiora! She taught me a lot about my current spiritual journey and recommended some great resources. She also shed some light on my current love situation, which I could relate to instantly. If you are looking for a honest, genuine reader Fiora is well recommended. Thanks Fiora.

Special k

This woman is amazing. Speaks her mind so don't get insulted if you did not get the answers you want, she's trying ti help you so don't be naive. She picked up on my situation very quickly, told me facts and what would happen, gave me advice and everything I needed for my current situation. She's very lovely to speak to but she won't sugar coat anything. If you're wanting the truth then she is your girl xxx

Victoria J

Fiora - blessings to you. As promised my review. I was drawn to you like a beacon. thank you for tuning in and helping me clear my toxic past relationship. Fiora is a down to earth, say it as it is empathetic person. She gave me some great advice, with good fortune to come. She genuinely wants to help people and you can feel her passion on the call. All the best Fiora, as I feel this lady is going to swept up and hard to get hold soon.


Had a reading with Fiora 2 months ago and one prediction came to light exactly as she said things would happen. Had another reading today and the reading was consistent with the previous one. Thank you very much Fiora! xx


Just had my reading with this amazing woman. She knew things about my life that is really impossible to know even for people who are close to me. She has a very lovely way of explaining and I feel so encouraged. The reading has really helped clarify a lot of areas in my life. She is honest about what she sees but in a really amazing way, I feel prepared and look forward to what's coming. Gifted reader and I am definitely coming back! 10000% recommend.

A. A.

Top Class Reader! Highly recommended! Fiora is amazing! I had my second Reading with her just now (and have had many other Readings) so can say with confidence that she is one of the very, very best - totally focused on getting you the answers you want, empathetic and wise. She tunes in brilliantly to your situation and POl and everything resonates. She gives sage counsel and suggestions for moving forward, too. I'm sorry we were cut off but look forward to speaking to you again and to updating you. Heartfelt thanks!


One of the very top Readers! Fiora is a genuine psychic and is very gifted! I have had several Readings with her now. As I have also had a lot of Readings with different people I can say with confidence that Fiora is outstanding. Everything she said resonated and she is very knowledgeable about spiritual matters and talks a lot of sense. She listens well and doesn't patronise but communicates in a sensitive and sensible manner. I highly recommend this lady. Many thanks, Fiora and I look forward to updating you with the outcome as you kindly asked!

Fiona C

AMAZING!!! I've been trying to speak to Fiora for months and finally got the chance today and I am amazed!! I feel so reassured, she was fantastic!! she described everybody involved in so much detail and so perfectly. I'm looking forward to the predictions passing and will be back in touch soon. Thank you so much Xx


Amazing What an amazing reader, have had a few readings with this lady about my POI, a few months back she said he was having argument with an ex. I thought no they have a good relationship but when he contacted me to he told me about a disagreement they had! Unreal Flora seen this! Chatted again today love how honest you are and always tell me the truth looking forward to more positive times and so happy the cards looking good today hopefully we can move forward as you have predicted be back in touch again soon. Thank you lovely Flora.


I had a reading with Fiora about a stupid situation which had hurt me. What Fiora told me happened even though I never thought it was happen as it was so complicated. Lovely down to earth lady, its like catching up with a friend thanks again.

Emma G

Predicted sly sneaking spying all happening as you said. Let's see now when actual communication comes up and will keep you updated. Thank you x


Absolutely loved my reading with Fiora. She is very intuitive and picked up on many things really quickly. Her gift is amazing, the way she tunes in so quick and gives you what she has and accurately is just astounding. Plenty of validations and also predictions for the near future and ahead hopefully. Will be back again when predictions start to unfold and for an update. Thanks Fiora!